Chongming Recultivation

Xiaoran Zhang 
Master of Urban Design

Advised by:
Jonathan Kline
Stefan Gruber

Studio Coordinated By Jonathan Kline and Stefan Gruber

Themes: Narrative | Culture | Ecology

The thesis Chongming Recultivation selects Chongming Island, Shanghai as a model to explore the possibility of reshaping cooperative based village communities through bottom-up commoning practices. By reviewing the evolution of village community’s socio-physical changes at different stages of development in China and exploring emerging involvement opportunities into village community reformation, the proposal focuses on how commoning-based urban design can intervene into diverse forms of localized economy in village communities. By stressing the importance of actors' interaction within the transition system, the thesis focuses on exploring structural typology and bottom-up participation in changing villages' physical and social environment. Through developing various scenarios,  it builds up models for a knowledge and skill sharing system in and localized and self-organized economy for Chinese villages.