Kerf Bending Pavilion

Creating a Roof Structure through Kerf Bending Plywood Sheets Pattern Design

Author: Shang Liu

Pavilion Design(Forest)

Shang ‘s thesis focuses on a special woodcraft technique Kerf Bending, which can make wood panel bendable. The purpose of the thesis is to create an extendable plywood sheet system base on Kerf bending pattern design and joint design. The thesis is developed from the research of the performance of kerf pattern to the optimization of the surface which is composited through plywood tiles. Then the thesis explores the possibility of scale the surface to building scale.

Plywood and Kerf Bending

Kerf Bending Products

Surface Design

Pavilion Design(Field)

Pavilion Design(Beach)

Pavilion Design(City)

Pavilion Design

Pavilion Design (Installation)