Commoning the City Reviews: Thursday May 13, 2021, 9:00am–5pm. Register here.

Independent Thesis Symposium: Friday May 14, 2021, 8:20am–4:45pm. Join on YouTube here.

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Pop-Up Exhibition

Join us Saturday May 15, 7:30–9:30pm at an unexpected location on Carnegie Mellon’s Pittsburgh campus for a one-night-only, in-real-life pop-up display of thesis student work. The show is located outdoors and takes COVID protocol into account. Space is limited, registration required.

Note: attending anyone attending on-campus events are asked to get a Tartan test the week of the event. Pittsburgh-based students, faculty, and staff may do so through Tartan Testing.

Independent Thesis Symposium,
Friday May 14, 2021

~ Livestream here ~

Breakfast Panel: On Political Economy

8:20 am EST
Eric Chen, The Dilemma of Future Architecture in Rwanda

Moderators: Mary-Lou Arscott, Jonathan Kline, Heather Bizon, Sarah Rafson

Panel 1: On Identity

9:00 am

Alex Wang, Material Memory, Fellowship

Twisha Raja, Aggregated Assemblies

Brandon Smith & Gil Jang, Tectonic Topographies

Panel discussion with moderators: Mary-Lou Arscott, Maite Borjabad, Andrew Tripp, Brandon Clifford  

Panel 2: On Environments

11:30 am

Zhecui Zhang, Reimagining the Future of Quarantine

Lu Liu, A Healthy Environment for Aging: Housing Renovation for Improved Health

Alejandra Meza, Designing  Rehabilitating Spaces

Panel discussion with moderators: Erica Cochran Hameen, Andrei Harwell, and Gregory Marinic


Panel 3: On World Building

2:00 pm

Christoph Eckrich, Through the Singularity: Narrative Conjectures Beyond the Zero Hour

Louis Suarez,Mapping the Zauberberg

Emmanuel Nwandu, Manifesting Identities: Memory, Myth and Legacy in African America

Panel discussion with moderators: Francesca Torello, Nic Clear, Nate Hume, Theodossios Issaias. Special guest, Omar Khan.


4:00–4:45 pm
Concluding comments